Roller and Compaction Equipment Rental

Available for delivery from our Louisville, Lexington, Corbin, Elizabethtown, and Prestonsburg locations

Double Drum Smooth

ModelEngine PowerOperating Weight
BW90017.7 hp2,502 lb
BW120AD33.8 hp5,732 lb
BW138AD54.3 hp9,259 lb
BW278AD130 hp25,800 lb

Single Drum Vibratory Rollers-Smooth

ModelEngine PowerOperating Weight
BW14556.1 hp11,170 lb
BW17766.4 hp15,355 lb
BW211133 hp22,930 lb
BW213153 hp26,590 lb

Single Drum Vibratory Rollers-Pad Foot

ModelEngine PowerOperating Weight
BW14556.1 hp11,785 lb
BW177 66.4 hp16,115 lb
BW211133 hp25,785 lb
BW213 131 hp28,381 lb

Due to multiple configuration options for each machine, these specifications should be used for general reference purposes only. Please contact us for exact specification information. Makes and models are subject to change. All equipment is subject to availability.

Rental Roller and Compaction Equipment in Kentucky and southern Indiana

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