Excavator Rental

Available for delivery from our Louisville, Lexington, Corbin, Elizabethtown, and Prestonsburg locations

Standard/Conventional Excavators 

ModelEngine PowerOperating Weight
CX130B / 130X295 hp27,800 lbs
CX160B / 160X2120 hp37,700 lbs
CX210B / 210X2 / 210X3157 hp47,400 lbs
CX240B / 240X2177 hp55,120 lbs
CX290B / 290X2 / 300X3207 hp65,697 lbs
CX350C / 350X2 / 350X3271  hp79,065 lbs
CX470C / 460X2362 hp103,800 lbs

Short Radius Excavators

Model Engine Power Operating Weight
CX75 / 75 MSR / CX80B / 80MSR54 hp17,468 lbs
TB180FR60.5 hp18,821 lbs
CX135 / 135MSR95 hp29,631 lbs
CX225 / 225MSR153 hp53,223 lbs

Long Reach Models

ModelEngine PowerOperating Weight
ModelEngine PowerOperating Weight
CX210LR / 210X2 LF157 hp50,600 lbs
CX240LR / CX250C / 250X3177 hp61,750 lbs

Due to multiple configuration options for each machine, these specifications should be used for general reference purposes only. Please contact us for exact specification information. Makes and models are subject to change. All equipment is subject to availability.

Rental excavators in Kentucky and southern Indiana

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