Rubble Master mobile crusher

Mobile Crushers

  • Efficient—Crush material into high quality, cubic, and homogeneous spec material on-site and in a single pass.
  • Easy to transport—Unmatched mobility allows you to arrive at the jobsite quickly and go from unloading to crushing in under 20 minutes.
  • Versatile—Recycle and process virtually any material, including C&D waste, asphalt, concrete with rebar, natural rock, glass, coal, slag, and more.

Reduce costs with a diesel-over-electric drive system that decreases fuel consumption up to 30 percent without sacrificing throughput. With operating weights ranging from 24,455 lb to 73,000 lb, you can take on any size job.

ModelTPHOperating Weight
RM 6080 t/h26,455 lbLearn More
RM 70GO! 2.0120 t/h42,990 lbLearn More
RM 90GO!200 t/h52,029 lbLearn More
RM 100GO!250 t/h63,934 lbLearn More
RM V550GO!220 t/h73,000 lbLearn More
New Rubble Master Crushers

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