New CASE motor grader

Motor Graders

  • Effective—The high carbon steel moldboard cuts, mixes, and rolls material into a finer mix, while external circle teeth provide greater leverage
  • Responsive—Industry exclusive front articulation provides an excellent turning radius
  • Easy to maintain—Hatches located at ground and fender level for service minimize downtime for maintenance

As suited for parking lot and road maintenance as they are for preparing worksites, the new CASE motor graders are equipped with an innovative moldboard that adjusts to site conditions. Their exclusive front articulation handles sharp turns with ease and the high rotation torque reduces jolts for a smoother experience.

Even better, All Wheel Drive delivers superior responsiveness and improved steering on any surface: from mud to sand, snow to river banks — you can grade anywhere, anytime.

Model Engine Power Blade Length Operating Weight
836C 154 HP 11’ 26,466 lb
856C 192 HP 12’ 33,966 lb
Motor Graders

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