Top 5 Ways to Make Backhoe Rental Easy

1. Choose a reputable backhoe rental company
2. Determine the requirements for your job
3. Find a backhoe with the right capabilities
4. Know your budget and timeline
5. Understand your insurance situation

Choose a reputable backhoe rental company

When renting a backhoe loader for your operation, the last thing you need is to receive a poor quality machine that will break down and cost you time and money. At Wilson Equipment, we make sure all of our equipment is maintained on schedule. Machine quality assurance checks are very important when going through the backhoe rental, or any equipment rental process, because breakdowns will delay projects and add costs by increasing downtime.

You also want to choose a company that offers an extensive selection of equipment when choosing to rent. At Wilson Equipment Louisville, we have a large inventory of backhoe rentals, excavator rentals, loader rentals, and more. We also have relationships with other rental operations, so that we can always get you anything you need quickly.

Determine the requirements for your job

When choosing the right backhoe rental for your project, it's important to first understand the specifics of the job. Based on those requirements, we'll help you decide whether a backhoe loader is the right choice or whether a combination of a compact wheel loader and mini excavator would make more sense for your needs.

Find a backhoe with the right capabilities

At our Wilson Equipment Louisville rental location, we carry CASE backhoe loaders ranging in engine output from 74 HP – 110 HP, dig depths from 14' 11" to 15' 5", and a range of various other features better suited to certain projects. If you let our rental specialists know the details, they will help you find the backhoe rental with the optimal power and capabilities to finish the job as efficiently as possible.

Know your budget and timeline

Have a clear understanding of your budget for the rental equipment, and ask about price range and other fees included when renting equipment. Managing costs is directly related to how accurately you've determined which type of equipment is right for the job. The rental equipment specialists at Wilson Equipment can provide an analysis for you to make sure you are receiving the best machine for your project.

Knowing your timeline is just as important. Poor timing can cause your backhoe rental to sit unused or cause you to extend the rental beyond what you originally had planned, leading to unexpected costs. At Wilson Equipment we make it easy, because our dealer network maintains a large fleet, so you can always find exactly what you need when you need it. Our Louisville rental location also offers flexible rental schedules in case things change on your end.

Understand your insurance situation

Wilson Equipment requires that companies have insurance before renting from our fleet, so it's important to contact your insurance provider before beginning the rental process. If you don't have an insurance provider, call the Wilson Louisville rental department, and we can recommend one.

We also offer a Limited Damage Waiver, which limits the expense that you are obligated to pay in the event that the rented item sustains physical damage or loss, with specific exclusions. An LDW is not insurance, nor is it a warranty. If you have paid the non-refundable fee for the LDW prior to the commencement of the rental term, you will have no liability to us for a percentage of the cost to repair or replace items covered by the LDW that is damaged during the rental term.

Contact our Louisville rental team to learn more about our Limited Damage Waiver option.

Backhoe rental in Louisville, Kentucky

CASE 580N EP backhoe loader
Engine Power: 74 HP
Dig Depth: 14' 11"

CASE 580N backhoe loader
Engine Power: 90 HP
Dig Depth: 14' 8"

CASE 580 SUPER N backhoe loader
Engine Power: 97 HP
Dig Depth: 14' 4"

Engine Power: 110 HP
Dig Depth: 14' 5"

Engine Power: 110 HP
Dig Depth: 15' 5"

Find the Right Backhoe Rental in Louisville, KY

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